Q&A with Jeremy August Haik in Aint–BAD


Interview with Dana Stirling

Jeremy August Haik is an artist and writer. His work has been exhibited most recently at Aperture Gallery, NY; Foley Gallery, NY, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam; Newspace Center for Photography, Portland; Cindy Rucker Gallery, NY; PCNW, Seattle; Michael Matthews Gallery, NY; The Camera Club of NY, and Guest Spot, Baltimore. His writing and photography has been published in print and online most recently by Conveyor Editions, Mt. Figure, Der Greif, and Baxter St. CCNY. He recently published his first book Permanent Constructions with Brooklyn-based Silent Face Projects. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

In this series, each image is the product of experimentation with washes of colored light, arrangements of printed photographs and diagrams, and the materials of analog photography (polaroids and 4×5 negatives). The camera is mounted overhead and the process of photographing the composition is controlled through the computer; I usually don’t touch the camera at all. The blending of chance and intention in the way these images are constructed reflects my interest in the pliant nature of knowledge and historical narrative. By looking at small details and the physical characteristics of the collage elements, the subtle influence these material qualities have on the message they hold becomes more visible. In my work, I am examining the influence of this material container — text, diagram, paper, or photograph — on the meaning it holds, and suggesting the possibility of alternative narratives through photography.


The 9th iteration of the Re: Art Show organized by alumni Erin Davis and Max C Lee

The ninth iteration of Re: Art Show, Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:, Opening Saturday, March 18th from 6-10pm, up through April 15th.

This month Erin and Max have invited two guest curators, Alice Sparkly Kat and Patrick McNabb, to combine their separate-but-similar ideas into a dynamic exhibition about sexuality, gender, queerness, and subculture.

Highlights include:

  • A performance by trans wave band Deadname on the night of the opening (8pm).

  • Issues of Newspaper, created by Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez, a revival of Steve Lawrence’s publication of the same name from 1969, will be on display and for sale. 50% of proceeds go to ACLU, with the rest going directly to the artist.

Participating artists include: Ariel Jackson, Nandi Loaf, Adam Boothman, Ellis von Sternberg, Willie Stewart, Parissah Lin, Branch Ashton Hudgins, Nick Alciati, Zalika Azim, Elinor Carucci, Matthew Morrocco, Bryson Rand, Krista Louise Smith, and Pacifico Silano.