Call for submissions

* The first fully collaborative, student-run publication on visual studies *

The visual world is changing so fast that no conventional anthology can capture it. Our idea is to record the current shape of visual studies, across disciplines, as it is experienced by the upcoming generation of scholars and artists. We are gathering a group of about 100 authors. After we have completed a rough draft of the book, we will post the entire manuscript on our Wiki,
and allow everyone on the internet to suggest changes, Wikipedia-fashion. After a further year of editing, in 2012, the entire book will be published by Routledge, and advertised and disseminated internationally.

To apply, visit the wiki for full information:

Visual Studies Reader

and then send us a two-page description of what you’d like to contribute. Your proposal will be read by the grad-student authors who are currently in the project (the editor, Jim Elkins, doesn’t vote).

Feel free to write us with questions. The deadline for proposals is January 30.