The Cabourg Project, an eclectic and ambitious cultural event aims at supporting talented and up-and-coming photographers.The ambition of the International Young Photographers’ Week is to bring together, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, 15 photographers among the most talented and promising artists, whose work will influence their time.

The selection of young emerging artists will include both professionals and non professionals, who have previously shown their work and been recognized/awarded a prize – or not, and who are in any case committed to expressing their vision of the world through photography.

The selection shall also reflect the diverse techniques and disciplines encompassed in this major art form of the XXIst century. Though the concept may evolve, it is and will remain based on values of shared experience, youth, ambition and celebration!

Selection Committee, made up of five recognized and respected personalities in the field of photography. The Committee includes Marc Riboud, reporter and photographer, two gallery owners, Ilan Engel and Baudouin Lebon, both expert in photography, a representative of the media, Kappauf, creator of Citizen K International, a representative of a cultural institution, as well as a representative of the Cabourg Project’s team. The Committee will select the 15 finalists whose work will be presented in Cabourg.