September 9 – November 12, 2010
Opening reception for the artist: Thursday, September 9, from 7 to 10 pm.

Photography, which has so many narcissistic uses, is also a powerful instrument for depersonalizing our relation to the world; and the two uses are complimentary.” Susan Sontag.

Arte Tal Cual is pleased to presentSome Windows Later, an exhibition of photographs by Arturo Soto.

The fifteen images on display show Soto’s identification with the analytic spirit of George Perec, who believed that significant experience does not come from big events or extraordinary circumstances, but from the slow flow of everyday life, for which he coined the term “infraordinary”. Soto interrogates the weight of the quotidian through seemingly insignificant scenes whose fragmentary narrative utilize the window (or its respective view) as a leitmotiv to create a visual diary that dissects the past in various times. The open-ended series, which documents the places he has inhabited over the last seven years, will continue to expand over time.

The pictures in Some Windows Later reveal certain aspects of Soto’s domestic realm without projecting an artificial intimacy. His analysis centers on the act of looking through a window, in which two actions are usually performed at once: we reflect on our own subjectivity while looking out at the world. The work negotiates the intricate relationship between external and internal, public and private; creating a dialogue that allows for a variety of readings.