As part of the ArtCenter/South Florida Windows at Walgreens program,  “Your Face Here,” will  be on view from November 19 to December 13, 2010. Specifically created for the Miami area, this  installation incites viewers to question the role of plastic surgery and conformity. Inspired during  her residency at ArtCenter last winter, SVA Alum Cat Del Buono created this interactive video  sculpture as a response to all the plastic surgery “victims” she encountered. Del Buono extracts  from the South Beach visitors and residents who are consistently bombarded with images of  insatiable vanity and an ideal so unattainable that many succumb to surgery, injections and  implants. Fittingly, this epicenter of caricatured human form is the perfect place to solicit interaction.

The installation consists of a makeshift body – mismatched mannequin legs and arms combined with large white balloons as breasts. It also includes a live video feed projected in place of the head. The video feed displays the faces of individual viewers who stand in front of the picture frame on one side of the installation window. By adding the viewer’s head to the headless body, the participant is literally part of the artwork. Without them, the piece is incomplete. Visitors are encouraged to participate.

Location: Walgreens/ArtCenter window display, 100 Lincoln Road (at Collins Avenue), Miami Beach, FL 33139