YoungProjects is pleased to present Suspension, a two-person show exploring the relationship between time and image through the work of the Berlin-based experimental film artist, Reynold Reynolds and the New York-based Kevin Cooley.

The exhibition was designed as a response to our epoch’s troubled relationship to time, which the author Mary Ann Doane attributes to “the prevalence of, and the adaptation to, Cinematic Time.” Reynolds, who originally studied physics before being tutored by the filmmaker Stan Brakhage, uses a combination of stop motion techniques and rigorously staged mise-en-scene to not only expose the subjective nature of time and its relationship to cinema, but the mechanisms of drama. Three dual channel works, Secret Life (2008), Secret Machine (2009) and Six Easy Pieces (2010) will be included, as well as a 5-channel work, Seven Days Till Sunday.

For Cooley, whose video work builds directly out of his photographic practice, the image constitutes a collection of moments, which he seamlessly weaves together into a unified whole via computer software. His video piece, Skyward (2012), which is projected onto the ceiling, extends that idea to a grand scale offering a single uninterrupted tracking shot from downtown Los Angeles to Pacific Palisades. However, as a kind of rebuttal to Gursky and Crewdson’s “godlike” camera, he keeps his POV on the ground, allowing the upper atmosphere to become a kind of canvass. Thus time and space become fictionalized, which itself becomes an allegory for the city.

Reynolds has received numerous awards for his experimental films and installations, including the festival award at the European Media Arts Festival Osnabrueek; First Prize at the Black Maria Film Festival, and First Prize at the SxSW Film Festival. He has also presented his work at the Tate Modern, the New Museum of Contemporary, PS1, the Berlin Biennale, the Moscow Biennial, the Guangzhou Triennial, and the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma.

Cooley has shown his photographs and videos at the Swiss Institute NY, White Columns, Massimo Audiello, Site UK and is included in a number of important private and public collections including the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. Cooley’s work at YoungProjects is in conjunction with the Paul Kopeikin Gallery, which will be showing Cooley’s photographs concurrently. Please visit the Kopeikin gallery in Culver City.

Skyward was made possible by the support of the Experimental Television Center.

Opening reception is Thursday, January 26th, 5-8:30pm

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