Alum Dalia Amara's upcoming show at Selena

Skin Dips

Dalia Amara and Florencia Escudero

October 22 - November 12

Opening reception: October 22, 7-10pm

Selena Gallery presents Skin Dips, an exhibition featuring work by Dalia Amara and Florencia Escudero. Skin Dips brings work together by two Brooklyn based artists exploring female phantoms, absence, and anthropomorphism.

Amara and Escudero transmit a feminine Lynchian vista utilizing photography and sculpture. Through anthropomorphism, objects and spaces create fantasies referencing the human body. These works emit female beauty terror, the body scrutinized and objectified, which is transmitted into domestic space. The materials used in these creations range from makeup, fake flowers, and sex toys: objects that occupy a place between disgust and desire, banality and trauma.

The spaces explored in the making of the works range from personal interior space to obscure motels, creating a converging of closed private space to public space. The presence of the artist's hand becomes visible in their works through the performative making and positioning of objects in these spaces.

©Dalia Amara

©Dalia Amara

Dalia Amara

Dalia Amara is an American-Jordanian artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York with a practice based in photography, while utilizing elements of sculpture, drawing, and performance. Amara received her MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and her BFA from Columbia College Chicago. Her work uses the domestic space as a staging ground for sites of trauma, desire, and banality. She has been featured in Paper Journal (UK), The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale, Der Greif, YET Magazine (CHE), and Humble Arts Foundation.

Florencia Escudero

Florencia Escudero is an Argentine artist based in New York. Her life has taken her all over the world from Mendoza to Malaysia. She was educated at the School of Visual Arts (BFA) and Yale University (MFA). Her practice encompasses a combination of both solo and collaborative projects that manifest in the form of: sculpture, drawing, photographs, curating video screenings, publishing precog magazine and creating interactive installations. Recently she has begun to develop a series of synthetic objects inspired by physical and virtual bodies. Through this work she explores sites of: production, circulation and consumption. She hopes these inanimate “mirrors” and post human fragments can serve as tools for influencing the way we interact with each other and the exploration of socio-political laws that regulate our behavior.


Selena is an artist run space co-founded by Anjuli Rathod and Olivia Swider. Exhibitions are on view for openings and thereafter by appointment only.

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