Alum June Korea selected as one of the judges for this years CA it Awards competition

Welcome to Computer Artist it Awards


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CA it Awards recognizes and celebrates the best of international digital art platform that represents the forefront of aesthetic, critical and entertainment standards in contemporary digital computer art industry and honoring extraordinarily skilled and cutting-edge digital artists.

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The mission is to showcase and celebrate the many talented independent computer artists from around the world who share their visions in a powerful, creative and entertaining way. This is our third year for "CA it AWARDS" - [Computer Artist it Awards]. The purpose of “CA it Awards” is to create a close knit and strong community of computer artists who shares the same drive and passion worldwide and promote their talent to others. Throughout the past years, we have received more than 700 projects from 37 different nations and we are even having more participants for this year’s event. This is an international event and special for this year, it’s open to all the students around the world. In fact, we embrace every art student or wannabe art major student to participate because we want diversity, regardless of your nationality and background.

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