Student Yi Yi Lily Chan Showcasing at Lange Nacht Der Museen Germany

If we are to talk about news… We arrive at a tandem of fatigue and intrigue. Get rid of the TV, and it is resurrected on all your other screens. We feel uncomfortable knowing the reason for news and all its relentlessness, because we can’t help but respond like a knee would to the light and accurate hammer. 

Stroke, Cortex (2016) is a cinematic karaoke-musical about love and news. Structured around iconic love songs and working against expectations of broadcast and cinema, Yi Yi Lily Chan choreographs visuals that twist commonly known lyrics into sly commentary about our relationships with journalism and globalized visual culture. The audience follows the journey and point-of-view of a disembodied protagonist, who is put through phases of suspense, sentimentality, elation, eruption and curious in-betweens. Traversing from desert scape to vast waters, the protagonist introspects, is overwhelmed by disjointed words and evocative colors of urgency, and gradually becomes flat. His or her identity is not to be pinned down, when news is really collectively produced, capitalized upon inexplicit dynamics of expectation and desire. Journalists perform through the microphones that we collectively and remotely sing our unconscious wishes into, creating for a duet of twisted karaoke. Cycles of love and news are paralleled in their relentless ability to captivate and manipulate, upon which Chan poses a question: What is entertainment, and what for?

Saturday, April 2 at 8:00 PM

Neue Kunsthalle Stuttgart , Am weißenhof 1, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany

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