Alum Sally Bozzuto art collective Biome Arts art project "Eco_Hack 2016"

Alum Sally Bozzuto founded Biome Arts - Biome Arts is a collective of artists, designers, engineers, and activists producing work that anticipates the next global paradigm: ecologically sustainable, open-source, commons-based culture. Our mission is to strategically utilize public space to activate democratic impulses, equipping participants with the tools to change their neighborhoods, cities, and states.

Teaming up with Swale and their Hudson River's Floating 'Food Forest', they will be building a 12x12 foot, two-story pavilion on top of Swale, that the group will then use as a meeting space, a performance venue, and an art gallery of sorts - and they're calling it Eco_Hack 2016.

Eco_Hack 2016 is a large-scale eco/social/digital installation and performance series taking place at Mary Mattingly’s Swale, a floating food forest on the Hudson River. Biome Arts will create a human-nature, audio-visual interface from data gathered via sensors embedded in Swale’s forest, offering a new symbiosis between humans, technology, and the natural world.

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