Faculty member Elinor Carucci in Time magazine's Mothers Day special

12 photographers select the photos that moved them most

Over the years I get ‘used’ to many of my images, not to this one. I always smile when I see it; my heart fills with love and warmth. In it, I see the sheer comfort of having a mother in this world. It makes being in this world possible, bearable, even wonderful.

Mother is the only form of unconditional love. Mother is knowing you are protected, guarded, you are never alone, she is always there. Mother is always being able to go back to being a child. In all aspects of my life, I am a woman, a mother, a wife, an adult. But I can still be a child as long as my mom is around. I love this photograph of her and I, because I see it all there. This was in the midst of a crisis in my life, but with my mom there with me, telling me about ‘what men want’ in her humorous and theatrical way, being provocative and funny as she often can be, I could let myself go in this safe haven of being my mom’s child. And as we laughed, the problems and pains were forgotten and it all seemed like it would be all right. Looking at this picture, and at me sitting by her side, I even look younger than my 31 years, the age I was when I took this picture. With my camera and self-timer and under her wing, it’s almost like I traveled back in time.

I love my mom so much. She is everything to me. My inspiration and muse, my guardian angel, the woman who raised me and who demanded me, sometimes harshly, to be the best that I could be, the woman who I admired yet sometimes hated, and feared at other times, and fought with, and accepted, and rebelled against, and accepted again. The woman who always loved me.

And in those times, like the one in this photograph, we are connected, like we were when I was 12, and 16, and 25, like we do today when I am 44, I let her be my funny mom, I let myself surrender. And everything is ok.

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My Mother and I, 2002

My Mother and I, 2002