Alumni Pacifico Silano and Tiffany Smith in a group exhibition "Unabashedly"

LMco presents a selection of works by artists who take an unabashed approach to creating artwork. Via 2D works, video, and performance art, the artists fearlessly express their own sense of pride in relation to the human body, sexuality, and identity. Whether embracing realities or rebelling against them, they explore varying themes while using the figure as their means of communication.

Issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, and existentialism are poignantly addressed, creating moments of emotional and thought provoking reflection. Tact, assertion, romance, nostalgia, and humor – regardless of how the message is delivered, their work increases visibility of communities and social issues. Unabashedly brings together a diverse group of artists on a unified platform to create a moving display of pride and artistry.

Featuring works by: Pacifico Silano , Kelsey Shwetz , Michelle Marie Charles ,  Dusty  St. Amand , Miguel Libarnes,  Tiffany Smith and Rafia Santana.

The Roger Smith Hotel 501 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10017

Friday May 20 6pm-12am