Alum June Korea Interview in Fotografia Magazine

34 year-old South Korean photographer June Korea discusses Still Lives: Eva, a series of staged photographs which depict June’s imaginary relationship with a sex doll called Eva.

Hello June, thank you for this interview. What are your main interests as a photographer?

Hello, I’m really glad that I can introduce my stories via one of the magazines that inspire me the most! As a visual artist and storyteller, my main interest is delivering my constructed fantasy to my audiences using the universal visual languages – still and moving images.

What is Still Lives: Eva about, in particular?

Still Lives: Eva is a staged documentary of a man’s life living with a sex doll that I initiated in 2014. I actually began photographing “regular” dolls in 2001 to listen to their voices, and see their secret lives once again as I did in my childhood. And after a few years of inviting them into a photographic world I staged, I started asking myself, “Why do I really photograph dolls?”

It was loneliness. I know what people want, how to make them happy, and how to enjoy moments. I talk, drink, and sing with many people all the time. However, I find myself home alone when I wake up in my bed. I always face emptiness when I come home from work or parties. I feel lonely in the crowd. I feel the loneliest in my biggest moments of happiness. This is because I now am afraid of what comes next. I believed in eternity when I was an innocent child. I had faith that my family, friends, and love would go on forever and with me, as long as I did my best for them. However, people, moments, and memories I wanted to last forever have left, died, or disappeared, and I know the rest of them will do the same.

That loneliness is why I became interested in photographing dolls. I know human-like but inanimate objects are not going anywhere. But then I questioned myself again. “What if I create an artificial eternity? What if I give a doll a new birth, with a new identity? What if I make the one stay with me forever in the fantasy world I construct?” So I researched about life-size dolls to find one that would best resemble a human being: Eva was delivered to my studio on December 29th, 2014, shipped in a giant box.

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