Alum Miles Ladin group exhibition 'WE:AMEricans' at Station Independent Projects

What is to be an American and who is an American? Who has the rights and true values to be considered an American? Does one's skin color, social strata, wealth, power, religious or political views make one more American or not? 

Since the election of President Barrack Obama in 2008 up to this current political climate our vales and true identity as Americans has been put under scrutiny and the political discourse has become harsher. 

WE:AMEricans explores who we truly are as Americans and will feature people and places from all walks of life from this great nation currently challenged by a climate of racism, anger, political tensions, the highest income and social inequality, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, police brutality and terrorism. 

WE:AMEricans shows how artists are examining and documenting the country and it's people at this time of dramatic transformation and upheaval. 

Natal-San Miguel has invited the following well known photographers/artists to anchor the WE:AMEricans exhibition: 

Amy Arbus, John Arsenault -Swaider, Nina Berman, Michael Buhler-Rose, Amy Elkins, Jon Feinstein, Thomas Holton, Dave Jordano, Dina Kantor, Gillian Laub, Miles Ladin, Shane Lavalette, Ruben Natal-San Miguel , Catherine Opie , Mark Peterson , Justine Reyes, Alec Soth, Zoe Strauss and Betty Tompkins. 

Opening:  July 7th, 6-9 pm show runs through August 7th, 2016 Thurs-Sun: Noon-6PM and by appointment.

Station Independent Projects 138 Eldridge Street, suite 2F, NYC