Alum Baoyang Chen with FELIX ART on Governor's Island

NEW YORK, NY -- TEAM FELIX, which consists of twelve architects and one artist, collaboratively presents a tree-house style public installation on Governor’s Island partnered with the FIGMENT Foundation. The opening weekend is from June 3rd to the 5th.   FELIX presents the next step in the evolution of the public installation. The design intent is to have FELIX become the seed for a new type of public installation, which will continue to grow for the next 5 years by aggregating over the landscape, creating a dynamic playscape for everyone to enjoy. Taking inspiration from the nature, FELIX proposes a flexible modular system based upon standard wood members which are eco- friendly, reusable and mass produced. The pavilion is designed as an accessible installation by nature, of nature, and for nature. This pavilion houses Baoyang Chen’s installation -- the mirror, reflection and computational imagery. The interplay of reflection and negative space eventually introduces multiple layers of space and dimension for viewers to wonder and explorer. FELIX offers new perspectives and spatial opportunities for people to engage with art, the tree, Governors Island, and New York City.  Not to be modeled based off classic public installation, this multipurpose wooden structure, instead, takes formal inspiration from the geometry embedded in hyperbolic paraboloid and constructs a free standing curved structure that is made of solely straight, wood members. As such, in this project there are parallels not only to the working technique of algorithm generated hyperbolic curve, but to Baoyang Chen’s concept of the “impossibility of improvisation” – variation arises from standardizations, which originally from polish experimental musician Zbigniew Karkowski. The twelve architecture graduate students from GSAPP Columbia University are under the guidance of practicing architects, Mark Bearak and Jordan Meerdink. They are James Brillon, Mengze Chen, Arianna Deane, Mira De Avila-Shin, Bingyu Guan, Benjamin Hochberg, Coco Ke Shi, Christopher Tomasetti, Taiwei Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Angela Yang, Zhengyang “Echo” Yue.