Alumni Sinan Tuncay, Tiger Cai & Yi Yi Lily Chan at Photo Shanghai

The way of Seeing--Three person video show from New York
Exhibition Date: 10th September to 20th September, 2016.
Artists: Sinan Tuncay Tiger Chengliang Cai Yi Yi Lily Chan
Location: Shanghai Duolun of Modern Art (No.27 Duolun Road,Shanghai ,China)

The way of Seeing--Three person video show from New York will launch in Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art from 10th, September to 20th, September, 2016.

These three participating artists live and work in New York. Sinan Tuncay is from Turkey while Tiger Chengliang Cai is from Shanghai and Yi Yi Lily Chan from Hong Kong. This is a meeting of profound meaning. In spite of being alumni in School of Visual Arts, they each represent their regional culture and individual experience of ways of seeing. In this globalization period, this demonstration which mixes the experience of Middle East (Turkey), Asia (Shanghai) and past European colony (Hong Kong) together comes true. We can see the diversity of culture and peculiarity of individual experience through this exhibition. Meanwhile, a strong power lying in human nature that seeks freedom, true query and reflection and criticism emerges.

Many works of Sinan Tuncay are related to Turkish cultural tradition, belief and taboo. Tiger Chengliang Cai's works are about human ideal's grandiose narration and decomposition and criticism on ideology. Yi Yi Lily Chan' s works are rooted in her hometown Hong Kong which has been faced with new conflicts and problems after its returning to China from British Colony in the late twentieth. Her works also involve reflection on media's real intention.

The works of these three young artists provide us a unique way of seeing and their seeing is not only to the objective world but also to the image world. They build a new image world. Rather than claim its sufficiency like movies or advertisements which lure the viewers to get addicted, this world tries to unravel mystery and reveal what image really is. This is a new way of seeing.