Alum Maureen Drennan featured in The Huffington Post and The New Yorker

"27 Powerful Photo Stories That Captured Our Attention This Year"

In 2016, photographers and curators used images to tell more than a few worthy stories.

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Maureen Drennan The resulting series is called “The Sea That Surrounds Us” ― a line from a love poem by Pablo Neruda. Half of the photos are of Paul, and the other half are images of Block Island, which function as portraits of Drennan’s interior state.

The hardest part of the project, Drennan explained, was actually starting it. “Paul was going through depression and I didn’t want to isolate him further by picking up the camera and photographing him,” she said. “But once I began taking pictures of him, it felt comfortable and it became part of what we did together.” Despite his discomfort being in front of the camera, Paul recognized his wife’s dedication to reading his signals, gestures and movements, and interpreting his state of mind.

In 2016, The New Yorker feed featured photographs from a refugee camp in Alexandria, Greece, and an ice-fishing camp in the rural Midwest; from summertime on Coney Island and the treacherous Old Hindustan Tibet Road in India; from Holy Week in Italy and the snowy villages of the Republic of Georgia. Here is a selection of some of our favorite Instagram takeovers of the year.

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Maureen Drennan (@maureenrdrennan) showed us the ins and outs of ice fishing in the upper Midwest, while visiting her husband’s family.

© Maureen Drennan 2016

© Maureen Drennan 2016