Maureen Drennan featured in Newest York

Alum Maureen Drennan latest work on the Rust Belt featured in Newest York, a not-for-profit publisher & arts organization supporting and showcasing local artists whose work engages with New York City.

(Excerpt from Newest York Magazine)

"People tell me I am a good listener. I listen to the shy, the lonely, the deeply religious, the old dyed-in-the-wool New Yorkers, the suspicious, the young, the hopeful, the hard workers, the hard drinkers, the drug addicts, the sex workers. A new person presents a fresh opportunity to tell their story again with different embellishments, new twist endings, and heroic narrators.

During my wanderings around old industrial and manufacturing areas in Brooklyn I met and listened to a multitude of New Yorkers. These areas along the water are surprisingly quiet and tranquil. The high grass in abandoned lots is verdant and lush, and flowers and trees poke out through every possible crevice. In the summer the air is heavy with the buzzing of insects and bird calls. The clang and hum of machinery and beeping of trucks in the distance blend with the natural sounds and add to the almost pastoral feel of these out-of-the-way spaces."

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