Les Helmers Solo Exhibition Absolute Gap

Skoto gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition (by class of 2002 alum) Les Helmers and the Absolute Gap. His art embraces a dualistic approach of an inclusiveness that is “both/and” versus the divisive perspective of “either/or.” Helmers has visually expressed the Gap in various forms as the thing that is natural within us. He believes that there is no conceptual self within oneself. The subject of this show is how Helmers arrived at his position.

The reception is on Thursday, October 26, 6-8pm, and the artist will be present.

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Helmers was born in Holland in 1958, and grew up in a multi-cultural environment. He lived in Holland, Canada, United States and West Africa before he turned twelve, and became fluent in three languages. Even though Helmers spoke these multiple languages he believed that there had to be some unifying concept within the self that could be expressed. In 1979, the 21-year-old Helmers traveled around Mexico and the United States taking pictures with an old Nikon F determined to get to the bottom of what constitutes a self. By 1981 his travels led him to New York City where he attended the School of Visual Arts. He fell in love with the melting pot of ideas that encompasses the city; it is around this time Helmers started photographing the images that are part of his book “Portrait of Myself as a Young New Yorker.” In 1983, he photographed the diptych image of his hand with another image of a copper arm that was part of a sculpture in Central Park. This photograph was the pivotal moment that Helmers realized that his Truth withdrew into the Abyss. An avid reader of Sartre and other continental philosophers, Helmers believed that there could be no bedrock of the soul.