Performance with Barbara Kalina at XIX International Chopin & Friends Festival

Excerpt from program guide: "Visual artist and graduate of the program, Barbara Kalina, bassist, composer and educator, Pawel Knapik, and a group of composers/vocalists, the Asaran Earth Trio, get together in an event that combines multi channel projections of moving and still imagery, the sound of double bass and voices of traditions from around the world taken in new directions.

In her art practice, Barbara Kalina creates a social commentary and deals with the human condition. Her installations oftentimes combine photography, video, text, ephemera and sound. She blends into her art, the elements that are significant in her life; nature and music. The artist creates parallels between the everyday life of people with that of the natural environment. By incorporating sound in her work, Kalina wants to draw the viewer's attention to the various levels behind the moving and flat images and unravel layers of emotions that are possible only on deeper reflection. The carefully selected musical collaboration of the deep and rich sounds of Knapik's double bass and collective sound of vocalists from different parts of the globe, will guide in amplifying the emotional impact to the narrative created and the message the visual artist intends to convey. This, giving the evening an interesting experience of sight and sound."

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The performance will take place during the XIX International Chopin & Friends Festival on Friday November 10th at 7:30pm. The event is free and open to the public.

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