Melvin Harper featured in Play at Pulse Miami Beach 2017

Congratulations are due to recent graduate Melvin Harper on the acceptance of his thesis project, 3017, into PULSE Contemporary Art Fair's PLAY exhibition at PULSE Miami Beach 2017. PLAY is PULSE's dedicated showcase of video and new media works. Harper's work has also recently been featured in exhibitions at Transmitter Gallery, The Re: Art Space, and David Nolan Gallery.

Curatated by Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Pauline Jampol, the theme for this year’s edition of PLAY is “POWER”, inviting artists to explore the multiple iterations of the word, its definitions, and the myriad of ways to interpret and contextualize power.

“The nine videos that we picked include works that contend with the stripping away of power through the lens of the oppressed or expose the dynamics of political dominance through the perspective of the spectator. Others intend to ameliorate the negative impacts of history, validate the power of personal achievement or emphasize the crippling impact of cultural power paradigms on the masses. Each of the videos selected are intended to illicit a visceral response and may be difficult to watch; a few may make you weep, gasp in shock, laugh with an unexplained sense of victory, or sigh with relief. It is our hope that this collection stirs you, and that you feel the full impact of our idea of power.”

The exhbition will run from Thursday December 7th through Sunday December 10th. For more details on hours, please click here.

"The truth is there is no such thing as the ‘Black Man’, but he is rendered nonetheless, as a mythological being, contemporary science fiction. Faced with the capitalist age’s omission of his circumstances - mass incarceration, modern indenture, an oppression so exaggerated and nuanced into praxis, such circumstances could only be science fiction." - Melvin Harper