Newest book release From Alum Brandy Watts

The Field Photographs of Alain H. Liogier

Plants of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic 1968–1969

By Brandy Watts

This volume represents an important selection of 116 photographs from a specific window of time and place as viewed through the camera lens of one of the greatest botanists of all time. Ms. Watts has curated an impressive collection of images that not only serve to document Dr. Liogier's research but bring to light the unique way this particular scientist saw the world of plants in their environment. As Ms. Watts states, "Each photograph is an instant within diverging and overlapping trajectories: plant science research, photographic technology, plant species adaptation, habitat transformation, land conservation, climate change, a particular botanist’s research, and an individual’s lifetime." If you are interested in where science and fine art merge, then this book is for you.

General Books | hc | 5" x 7" | 4 color | 256 pp. | 117 images | no. 5549 | US $48.99

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