Alumni Cat Del Buono and Nick Alciati in the Whitney Houston Biennial

About the Biennial


Who: Christine Finley and 125 Female Artists

Where: Chashama at XOCO 325 West Broadway, New York, NY

When: March 19th - March 29th

Big contemporary art survey shows all tend to have one thing in common: a predominance of male artists. This year’s Whitney Biennial in New York may be a more representative showcase of the current state of American art (both in terms of race and gender) than is the norm, but curator and artist Christine “C.” Finley is showing up the highly anticipated event with an exhibition of her own: the second edition of the cheekily named Whitney Houston Biennial, which features women artists exclusively.

The show is named, of course, for the beloved singer and actress Whitney Houston, who died in 2012. The inaugural outing in 2014 took its name from the Grammy winner’s 1994 hit “I’m Every Woman,” while this year’s show is titled “Greatest Love of All,” after the 1986 Houston single. (Like the Whitney Museum of American Art, which delayed its biennial a year following the opening of its new Meatpacking home in 2015, the Whitney Houston Biennial took a time-out in 2016.)

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Cat Del Buono,  Tears . Courtesy of the Whitney Houston Biennial.

Cat Del Buono, Tears. Courtesy of the Whitney Houston Biennial.

Nick Alciati, 18x24 Installation Shot of xoxo, Darlene 

Nick Alciati, 18x24 Installation Shot of xoxo, Darlene