Alum Netta Laufer in the Fresh Painting Art Fair

Netta Laufer's piece 25FT/גדר חיה' will be shown in the Video Greenhouse which is curated by the CCA team (The Center for Contemporary Art).

The opening event will take place at the Museum of Natural History Collection in Tel Aviv 28.3

Open doors 5pm -10pm.

The fair will end in 1.4, 9pm.

25FT/גדר חיה

Is an installation of video and still photographs appropriated from Israeli army surveillance cameras monitoring activity along the separation wall with Palestine. The work simulates the position of the soldier controlling the camera, focusing only on animals and the landscape in the occupied West Bank. The appearance of these animals throw the border, its function and what it stands for, into question for both the soldier who survey it, and the viewer in front of the work. Man is absent, yet his presence is visible through the tracking movement of the camera, military radio exchange, the fence and signs of urban structures, of which their inhabitant remains questioned.