Faculty and award winning filmmaker Simin Farkhondeh showcases latest documentary at the City College of New York

In the August installment of the TWN Evening Seminars, join filmmakers Al Santana, Laura L. Fowler and SVA MFA Photo faculty Simin Farkhondeh and their docufiction films, ONE PEOPLE and WHO GIVES KISSES FREELY FROM HER LIPS, with filmmaker Rico Speight leading a discussion on treading the line of documentary and dramatic work. Explore the possibilities of docufiction or docudrama- bringing together narrative fiction and cinéma vérité, in order in order to strengthen the representation of reality with artistic expression.

Thursday August 24th at 6:30pm

Documentary Forum at CCNY,

Room 291, Shepard Hall

259 Convent Ave. City College

New York, NY 10031

This work "offers an engaging introduction to this challenging subject, adeptly conveying the complexity of temporary marriage. WHO GIVES KISSES FREELY FROM HER LIPS provides a welcome complement to existing scholarly literature on temporary marriage, offering a rare glimpse into a fascinating aspect of the fast-changing landscape of Iranian sexual politics. This film is recommended for courses exploring issues of gender and sexuality in Islam and in the Middle East as well as those that consider feminism in a transnational perspective. The film would also contribute to courses on modern sex and sexuality, providing a neglected perspective on contemporary debates in feminist and queer theory concerning polyamory and other alternatives to traditional forms of heteronormative intimacy by challenging the idea of Western subjects as necessarily more "modern" or sexually liberated than others."

*-Juliet Williams, Films for the Feminist Classroom*

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