Anders Jones '17

Anders Jones

Psychological Warfare, 2017

©Anders Jones

My interdisciplinary practice includes sculpture, video, photography and mixed-media assemblage. These images reflect past work that investigates the psychological trauma, fragmented ideas on identity, and the limited access to the American Dream experienced by an often-overlooked, dignified and hard-working segment of the African American community. The work speaks through allegory, metaphor and narratives that utilize everyday objects and the aesthetic pleasure of materials to create a familiar point of entry that then turns into an eerie and unsettled feeling, seducing viewers into further investigation.

Ota Benga 2017

©Anders Jones

The two triptych series, Ota Benga (2017) and Psychological Warfare (2017), explore the integration of found photographs printed on photographic paper and textured fabrics that are cut and re-assembled. In American Dream (2017) I made a macramé basketball hoop with woven netting in the form of a noose, a comment on the paradox of basketball as one of the few aspirational options for young African American men.

Gone But Not Forgotten (skelly hands) 2017

©Anders Jones

Gone But Not Forgotten (skelly hands) (2017) conjures the idea of play through its reference to the street game skelly; however, the disembodied hands are a metaphor for the shortened lives of black male youth due to police brutality and mass incarceration.