Alice Interviews RE: Art Show

Max Lee ‘16 and Erin Davis ‘16 Interview by Liz Zito ‘15 Shot by: Carla Carvalho ‘19, Livia Di Lucia ‘19, and Rebecca Krasnik ‘18

The number one topic of hair pulling conversation amongst artists living in New York City is space, or rather, the lack thereof. It was my biggest sacrifice when moving to this metropolis, an uneven balance of ideas without the environment for execution. While thousands of creatives nervously complain as they compete for studio programs and grants, Max Lee and Erin Davis took matters into their own hands. With bonded values and similar inspirations, they invented their own theoretical art space, RE: Art Show, a monthly, rent free happening that travels within the confines of the Pfizer building located on Flushing Ave in Brooklyn. With a backdrop of massive mixing tanks, the defunct pharmaceutical plant has become an ever-evolving site-specific stage for installations, performances, sculptures, photographs, and much more, taking on emerging artists that yearn for a spot outside their bedroom studios to execute their ideas. I’ve showed developing projects with RE: Art Show three times and introduced Max and Erin to numerous artists with similar goals. Over the years, RE: Art Show has experienced as many growing pains as successes. Honest, almost to a fault, Max and Erin strive to maintain an authentic artist run organization, allowing the maker to control all the decisions of their vision and execution, propelling their careers forward. It is rare to find this type of support in any city, reminiscent of 1980’s DIY art culture, it is a significant fact that so many artists and art supporters find this formula compelling in 2018.

Graduating from the School of Visual Arts, MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media in 2016, Max Lee and Erin Davis have been organizing RE: Art Shows since their graduation, that would make 20 plus iterations. Their shows have been written up in numerous publications including Huffington Post, Forbes, Art F City, Hyperallergic and many more. I sat down with Max and Erin, captured by a crew of current graduate students, and discussed the RE: Art Show journey in a series of short videos I have edited for Alice Magazine. As I re-watch the material over and over in my editing station, I am hit with a sense of comforting validation, that above all else, a sense of support and community will always remain the strongest component to any city or school, but especially to those emerging artists from SVA MFA Photo, Video, and Related Media in New York City. I hope you enjoy! -Liz Zito