Instructions on Parting by Amy Jenkins premieres at MOMA

Alumni Amy Jenkins upcoming film, Instructions on Parting (2018), will make it's world debut at MOMA on Febuary 16th, 2018.

“Instructions on Parting” weaves breathtaking artistic footage with cinema verite to tell an elegiac story about transformation, grief, and the essential nature of the collective human journey. Using personal home videos, Jenkins presents an intimate portrait of the cyclical nature of life and death. As she navigates the emotional transition into motherhood, she must also make sense of the untimely passing of several members from her immediate family.

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Amy Jenkins’ approach to art-making is multidisciplinary; the installations she creates combine video, sculpture, performance, writing and audio to create immersive environments. Crossing the static bounds of space and object, her projected video creates a poetic space that emulates thought and memory. The video in three-dimension becomes malleable, altering the boundaries of the physical and illusory.

Over the years she has worked with the moving image combined with sculpture in a number of ways, both with miniature objects and with large architectural elements. Consistent in all of her installations is the focus on a sense of place and the psychological aspects of interiors, whether physical in structure or of an individual's psyche. Performance, her own and her family’s, is also an important reoccurrence in Jenkins’ work. Jenkins’ content can be challenging and revealing; familial relationships, home, sexuality, and the male/female identity are themes she frequents. Visceral and emotional, these personal narratives offer a window into intimate life, where the commonplace becomes surprising and unexpected.

Stills from Instructions on Parting

Stills from Instructions on Parting