Shimon Attie's film project Night Watch

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, More Art will premiere Night Watch, a floating film installation portraying refugees and asylees who have fled violence and discrimination from their homelands. This work by Shimon Attie, which will traverse New York City’s waterways during the United Nations Annual General Assembly, features 12 individuals (largely LGBTQ and youth) who have been granted political asylum in the US. Night Watch is displayed on a 20-foot-wide by 12-foot-tall LED screen mounted aboard a large utility vessel. The silent, floating film was produced in close collaboration with Immigration Equality, Safe Passage Project and RIF, and in consultation with ORAM, New Women New Yorkers, and New York for Syrian Refugees. Night Watch confronts the urgent social issue of refugees in the U.S. The traveling project will be on view along the waterfront from September 20 to September 27, 2018. Each day, the public can track the boat to attend historical tours, cultural events, and workshops related to immigrant rights.

Shimon Attie is a visual artist whose artistic practice includes creating immersive site-specific installations and public artworks in a wide variety of media, contexts, and communities. Attie’s works include on-location media installations, immersive multiple channel video works, performance, photography, sculpture, and new media and hybrid forms. In many of his projects, he engages local communities in finding new courses for representing their history, memory, and potential futures, and explores how contemporary media may be used to re-imagine new relationships between time, space, place and identity.

Encounter the traveling film and media Installation at various waterfront locations and parks in NYC & NJ September 20—27, from 6-10PM. For more information about Shimon Attie's project, visit the website.

  installation view of Shimon Attie's  Night Watch

installation view of Shimon Attie's Night Watch