Jiwon Choi featured at LACE "Take My Money/ Take My Body"

This month, alumni Jiwon Choi is featured in the group show, Take My Money / Take My Body at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. The exhibition is an entry point for questions surrounding the promises of popular media within highly bureaucratic, surveilled, and macro-scaled communities such as corporations and nations. Whether a data-mining social platform, exploitative culture industry, or resurgent populist movement, these larger systems structure the very conditions in which we find our (best) selves, albeit at contentious costs and rapidly-inflating prices. Popular media is the emergent interface for such a transaction. What, then, can we make of the joyful feeling of being a willing subject, or one of many in a captive audience?

Still from  Parallel,  Jiwon Choi

Still from Parallel, Jiwon Choi

The productions and fan communities of K-Pop bring new critical vocabularies to bear on this discourse. Characterized by a dialectic of heartfelt engagement and cynical manipulation, K-Pop is a contested cultural stage where trans-Pacific choreographies of invasion, seduction, and disidentification unfold daily over live-stream. Grounded in works by an intergenerational group of artists from China, Cuba, South Korea, Spain and the United States, and supported by programming that reaches out to fans in Los Angeles, Take My Money / Take My Body adopts the verbs, exclamations, and affects of K-Pop and its constitutive communities as a theoretical framework to address the complexities of subjecthood, consumerism, and politics.

Seventeen Girlfriends , Jiwon Choi

Seventeen Girlfriends, Jiwon Choi

Jiwon Choi, born 1991 in South Korea, completed her MFA in photography, video, and related media at School of Visual Arts. She works in the mediums of moving images, and performance. She lives and works in New York City. Her recent exhibitions and screenings include “Parallel,” the Box, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, United States, “New Filmmakers”, Anthology Film Archives, New York, United States, “FLOW”, Raven Row, London.

Visit Take My Money/ Take My Body for more information about this group exhibition in Los Angeles, CA.

Choi is also showing work this month at Double Takes: Historic and Contemporary Film + Video at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, and Shall we dance? at the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations, Marseille, France.