Hannah La Follette Ryan featured in New York Magazine

MFA Photo/Video student Hannah La Follette Ryan (often working under the Instagram handle @subwayhands) has been covertly documenting the emphatic, twisted hand yoga of subway riders since 2015. Ryan explains her obsession with the hands of her fellow subway passengers:

"I moved to New York six months after I graduated college in 2014. I started 'Subway Hands' pretty much instantly, within a month of moving. I think that was largely because I arrived in New York and was just so excited and overwhelmed simultaneously by becoming a New Yorker that I was looking around the city with wide eyes and found myself on the subway a lot because I’m a nanny and I’m always commuting from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I found myself people watching a lot and on the subway noticing how you see every kind of person and every energy represented. I was very struck by how expressive that space is."

New York Magazine recently gave Ryan some spring accessories to photograph in her element: the subways of New York City. The following are some samples of what she captured.

hands on hands.jpg