Wen-Han Chang's "Strange World" featured in photograph magazine

Current MFA Photo/Video student Wen-Han Chang's exhibit Strange World was recently featured in the pages of photograph magazine. The work, exhibited at the Griffin Museum of Photography early this year, "captures shadows and reflections of colored light in a windowed room... They are lovely to look at, with their shifting planes of color, angles, and lens-based distortions. But even without knowing anything about them, there is something unsettling, even chaotic in them that threatens to break through their decorousness."


As the photograph magazine article underscores, "Chang explains that he wanted to make a record of what was happening while he was asleep. He set up cameras to record what the light was doing around him, and by extension to him, in the space where he slept. It is a kind of theater he has recorded, nature caught unawares in the midst of a business (the prismatic play of light) that doesn’t care about his unconscious self."


The artist goes further, stating "the camera was applied to extend my vision. It recorded what was going on when I was in deep sleep and visual sensation was closed. The camera lens was set up to focus on the surroundings such as ceilings, walls, and corners of my room. The shutter of the camera would take pictures when I was not awake. When my perception was limited and cut off from the usual, the camera started to see, to reveal the world I never saw."

Pick up the March-April 2019 copy of photograph magazine to read the full review of Wen-Han Chang's Strange World, or visit the online publication.