SVA MFA Photo/Video Alumni Rehan Miskci, Daqi Fang, and William Miller Named Amongst 2019 Recipients of the Bronx Museum AIM Fellowship

Daqi Fang (‘17),  The Hibernation Cave , 2018

Daqi Fang (‘17), The Hibernation Cave, 2018

The 2019 recipients of the annual Bronx Museum AIM Fellowship have been announced and amongst the list are three SVA MFA Photo/Video Alumni: Rehan Miskci ('14), Daqi Fang ('17), and William Miller ('17).

Our department is so proud of our distinguished alumni for their hard work and recognition.

Rehan Miskci and Daqi Fang recently paid a visit to our 2019 group of incoming MFA Photo/Video students during orientation week, lecturing on an array of subjects including the creative processes and contexts behind their respective works, making a living as a working artist, and life as an artist post-graduate studies.

Miskci's background in architectural studies informs her interesting survey of the unity between stuctural forms and imagery and how they collide in the context of photographic spaces and compositions. Fang's digitally manipulated landscapes give insight to a multimedia artist's journey through life and the world. Miller's more experimental approach to both digital and analog processes of photography offer to the viewer an alternate way of viewing the capabilites of the photographic medium, free from more traditional and regimented ways of producing imagery.

To view more information on the Bronx Museum AIM Fellowship and the full list of 2019 recipients, follow the link:

Rehan Miskci (‘14),  You Left Behind , 2017

Rehan Miskci (‘14), You Left Behind, 2017

William Miller (‘17),  JPG Portrait,  2017

William Miller (‘17), JPG Portrait, 2017