Iris Xing

Room For Tea: an immersive installation by Iris Xing

MFA Photo/Video alumni Iris Xing recently created an immsersive pop-up experience based around tea culuture in New York City. As the Room for Tea event website states:

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"In the city of New York, we are fascinated by the integration of diversity. Tea is such a magical drink that embraces all different flavors and allows them to shine their unique characters with balance. Herb meets milk; sweet meets bitter, and of course Boba meets Jelly! Just a few examples of how fusion the tea world can be. In a way, it is a collision of taste, a synthesis of cultures, and a symbol of unity.

As lovers of tea and fans of diversity, we’re here to celebrate tea’s glory. With our love, passion and creativity, we created this fun interactive space for everyone in New York City."

The pop-up featured several rooms highlighting various aspects of tea-culture, including: the Labyrinth of Tea origin, Milk Tea Metropolis, Matcha under Cherry Blossom, Summer BOBA Court and Mint Tea Secret Box.

Take a video tour of Room for Tea below: (footage provided by Richard magazine)

Foodie Ways to Make Friends, a show curated by alum Iris Xing

"Foodie Ways to Make Friends" is a edible, likable, sharable pop-up exhibition at Cloud Gallery on Nov 04/05. It will be an interactive experience that visitors are expected to make friends through food.


66 West Broadway, NY, NY

6:00pm-10:00pm, November 4th

11:00am-10:00pm, November 5th

Curated by Iris Xing and Yanz Zeng

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Iris Xing Shortlisted for 2015 Sony World Photography Award

MFA Photo/Video is proud to announce that student Iris Xing is one of just 10 finalists shortlisted for the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Student Focus program, and the only representative from a North American institution. This competition is the largest of its kind, with over 230 educational institutions participating worldwide, and offers global recognition to young photographers.

Xing created her winning photograph, "Amazon Burger," in response to a prompt asking students to capture an image that embodied consumer culture. Xing’s “burger” contains layers made from an Amazon box and its packaging. “Hamburgers,” she says, “are a metaphor for fast, consumable things.”

"Amazon Burger," Iris Xing, 2015

"Amazon Burger," Iris Xing, 2015

As a member of the shortlisted group, Xing received a full-frame Sony camera, which she will now use for the next round’s challenge: to shoot a series of images that document hitherto unseen or untold subjects or stories in the contestant’s place of residence.

As part of their prize, all 10 shortlisted students will be flown to London with their tutors to attend the awards gala. Additionally, each photographer’s images from this latest challenge will be shown as part of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at London’s Somerset House, on view April 24 through May 10.

Those who advance to the next round will earn the Student Focus Photographers of the Year title and €35,000 worth of Sony photography equipment for their school.