Moshen Gallery

Natasha Chuk and Tooraj Khamenehzadeh curate Haft Paykar | Seven Beauties

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Mohsen Gallery, Tehran recently presented a group exhibition curated by MFA Photo/Video Faculty Natasha Chuk and Alumni Tooraj Khamenehzadeh entitled “Haft Paykar: Seven Beauties,"

Haft Paykar | Seven Beauties is a group exhibition that revives, explores, and shares an ancient Persian text through an exercise in reception theory. This cultural theory fosters the idea that the meaning of any text is never fixed or transparent, rather shaped by a number of contributing factors by both the producer, who encodes a text with meaning, and the recipient, who decodes it. Interpretation is further shaped by distribution, personal experience, social circumstance, distance, and time.

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Khamenehzadeh's video installation, “I’m Not a Song to Be Sung” was also shown at Mohsen Projects > Pasio in June.

Tooraj Khamenehzadeh started his artistic practice in theater and then shifted to photography and video art. Today, photography, image-based projects, and sometimes the utilization of his theater background comprise the main part of his works. Born and raised in a region where Eastern Philosophy prevails, drew him towards the study and research mysticism.

His works are the result of his insights along this path, through which he tries to share layers of various realities with his audience. His approach to different subject-matters is rooted in reality; yet, he mostly makes use of dramatic elements to create surreal representations.

Natasha Chuk is a New York City-based, Latinx critical theorist and independent curator interested in film, experimental art, and creative technologies. Her research concerns the relations between interfaces and structures of perception (organic/inorganic) in media objects as systems of language, with particular attention to their ontologies, behaviors, affordances, and limitations, especially as they relate to advanced creative technologies, like VR, AR, CVR, MR, XR, machine learning, and computational photography. She holds a PhD in Media and Communication Philosophy, an MA in Media Studies, and a BA in Cinema Studies.