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Penelope Umbrico at Postmasters

Running through August 11th 2018, SCREENSCAPES at Postmasters features the work of six artists working within the formal space of a screen, or exploring the formalization of networks. Alongside artists Diana Cooper, Luke Murphy, Rafaël Rozendaal, and Artie Vierkant, faculty member and critically acclaimed artist Penelope Umbrico will be showcasing her piece Bad Display (eBay) (2018).

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Penelope Umbrico,  Bad Display (eBay)  (2018). 

Penelope Umbrico, Bad Display (eBay) (2018). 

The photographs in Broken Sets and Bad Display are cropped from images of broken LCD-TVs Umbrico found for sale on eBay and other consumer-to-consumer market sites, where the televisions are sold for parts. The sellers turn the sets on while photographing them so that potential buyers can see that the electronics behind the screens still work. She became interested in the incidental beauty of the screens because they are derived from the failure of their own promising technology. In her words, "By presenting these inadvertent abstract arrangements as formal compositions in their own right, I am collapsing the obsolescence and breakdown of new technology with the visionary aesthetic of Modernism."