Liz Zito Performs Mueller Report Fan Fiction at ArtSpace

MFA Photo/Video Staff and Alumni Liz Zito recently performed Mueller Report Fan Fiction with Liz Zito at ArtSpace in New York City.


The show is an accumulation of appropriated composited material made over the past two years, not coincidentally the same timeframe Special Council Robert Swan Mueller III was investigating and writing his now famous report. After the release of the Mueller Report in March 2019, Zito has been filling in the redactions with her own absurdist humor, while composing a noir-like narrative which follows Mueller’s investigative process. Zito's project highlights disputes over freedom of information and the manipulation of news distribution in the media.

Liz Zito is a multi-media artist and humorist based in Brooklyn NY. Zito uses her work as a tool to subvert main stream systems. Closely studying educational institutions, Zito’s work thinks critically about the evolution of art making in the age of the internet, using accessible information to reach informal audiences. Zito humorously dissects deeply ingrained power dynamics within pop culture and western civilization, creating work that lives happiest outside the confines of traditional art spaces.

Liz Zito is currently an administrator at the School of Visual Arts, MFA Photography, Video, and Related Media program, where she received her MFA in 2015.