Congratulations to 2019 Alumni Society Grant Recipients

Three MFA Photo/Video students were recently granted generous awards from SVA's Alumni Society. This year's recipients, among other SVA students across disciplines, were MFA Photo/Video thesis students Brett Henrikson, Wanki Min, and Hanwen Zhang.

Henrikson and Min were awarded the Alumni Scholarship Award, which was established in 1999 by the Alumni Society. This award is distributed annually to undergraduate and graduate students in their final year at SVA to aid in the completion of final thesis/portfolio projects.

Zhang received the The Thomas Reiss Memorial Award, established in 2003 in memory of Thomas Reiss (MFA 1993 Photography and Related Media) by his brother, Richard M. Reiss. An avid environmentalist, Tom passed away in August 2002. This annual award is designated to support a thesis project by a final-year MFA Photography, Video and Related Media major whose project addresses a humanitarian issue.

All three recipients will graduate at the end of this Spring semester, 2019.

Hannah La Follette Ryan featured in New York Magazine

MFA Photo/Video student Hannah La Follette Ryan (often working under the Instagram handle @subwayhands) has been covertly documenting the emphatic, twisted hand yoga of subway riders since 2015. Ryan explains her obsession with the hands of her fellow subway passengers:

"I moved to New York six months after I graduated college in 2014. I started 'Subway Hands' pretty much instantly, within a month of moving. I think that was largely because I arrived in New York and was just so excited and overwhelmed simultaneously by becoming a New Yorker that I was looking around the city with wide eyes and found myself on the subway a lot because I’m a nanny and I’m always commuting from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I found myself people watching a lot and on the subway noticing how you see every kind of person and every energy represented. I was very struck by how expressive that space is."

New York Magazine recently gave Ryan some spring accessories to photograph in her element: the subways of New York City. The following are some samples of what she captured.

hands on hands.jpg