Yoav Friedlander

Yoav Friedlander solo exhibition ‘‘After the Fall’’ at Carrie Able Gallery

Yoav Friedlander, MFA Photo/Video alumni, presents a solo exhibition at the Carrie Able Gallery this month on Wednesday Nov. 14.

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Speaking on his images, Friedlander says:

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"Ever since I can remember it was photographs who introduced me to and informed me of my personal and collective past or present realities that are inaccessible or out of reach. Photographs had visually mapped reality. A broken promise we made to ourselves looking up to the medium as a neutral reflection of what visibly exists. We treat photographs as hard evidence, and to the extent that we find ourselves considering what is real to be different from how it should be according to its own image. Since the inception of photography, reality gradually became augmented by its own reflection. I am focusing my work at this point of friction."

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Yoav Friedlander is a miniature scale model fine artist and photographer. Born 1985 in Israel, Yoav received his BA in Photographic Communications from Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem in 2011, and graduated with an MFA in Photography Video and Related media from the School of Visual Arts NYC in 2014.

Friedlander has shown work at The Artists' House, Jerusalem, The Wassaic Project, N.Y., and The Venice Bienniale, among numerous other galleries, worldwide. He is also the co-founder of Float Photo Magazine.

For more information about Friedlander's upcoming solo exhibition, visit the event page or RSVP here.

©Yoav Friedlander, 201 North Pearl Street, Shamokin, PA, 2018

©Yoav Friedlander, 201 North Pearl Street, Shamokin, PA, 2018

In a write up by Lenscratch, Friedlander when asked about the series and it’s motivations responded by saying”

For now I can’t tell what value my pictures might have, but I took them with a sense of urgency to capture all that was colorful and all that was about to change. One of these pictures documents St. Nicholas Coal Breaker, It also happens to be one the last photograph of it standing. it was torn down the next day. I never had intended to insert myself into American history through the back door like this. It is unclear how I, a child of the desert, found myself venturing into coal mines in the frost of winter.

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The Vernacular of Landscape: Opening Reception

From Sept. 14-Oct. 19, Usagi NY hosts The Vernacular of Landscape, a survey of contemporary landscape photography curated by Subjectively Objective founder Noah Waldeck and co-edited by SVA alumni Dana Stirling and Yoav Friedlander of Float Photo Magazine.

The exhibit will showcase images from 58 artists from around the world, including:

Rob Stephenson, Diana Nygren, Patrick Warner, Tim Dechent, Lewis Ableidinger, Nathanial Schmidt, Emmanuel Monzon, Roger Grasas, Michael Wriston, Nick Zukauskas, Daniel George, Adrien Blondel, Ivan Echevarria, John Sanderson, Paul Sisson, Sandro Katalina, Brooks Geenen, James Doyle, Christiaan Kritzinger, Raul Guillermo, Tod Kapke, Cody Schlabaugh, Cristian Ordonez, Balint Alovits, Pratya Jankong, Danny Rowton, FeiFan Zhang, Reid Elem, Anthony Onesta, Joshua Oldfield, Ryan Parker, Maxime Taillez, Balazs Fromm, Julian Reid, Franck Doussot, Dineke Versluis, Irene Tondelli, Cody Bratt, Matthew Portch, Leonardo Magrelli, Christian Kondic, Solange Adum-Abdala, Kyle Everett Smith, Berber Theunissen, Dan Mariner, Michael Garbutt, Fred Guillaud, Mattia Paladini, Yorgos Efthymiadis, Stephen Berry, Lawrence Braun, Will Cox, Morgane Erpicum, Liam McMillan, Pol Viladoms, Jeff Phillips, Chris Bennett & Chris Round.

The opening reception will take place at Usagi NY art space September 14, 2018 7-9PM; 163 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, New York.

For more information, or to RSVP, please visit the event's page

Photo: Irene Tondelli

Photo: Irene Tondelli

Upcoming Exhibitions featuring Alum, Yoav Friedlander

Space /spās/


  1. a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied. "a table took up much of the space" synonyms: Room, Capacity, area, volume, expanse, scope, latitude, margin, leeway, play, clearance. “There was not enough space”
  2. the dimensions of height, depth, and the width within which all things exist and move. "the work gives the sense of a journey in space and time"


  1. position (two or more items) at a distance from one another. "the houses are spaced out"
  2. informal be or become distracted, euphoric, or disoriented, especially from taking drugs; cease to be aware of one's surroundings. "I was so tired that I began to feel totally spaced out"

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Lluís Tudela, Olga Matveeva, Jenny Rafalson, Mikayla Whitmore, Alex Djordjevic, Malwa Grabowska, Anastasia Davis, Jessica Giles, Saul Robbins, Gianluca Pardelli, Romina Rivadeneira, Tajana Dedić-Starović, Tal Rosen, Gabby Gonzalez, Justin Snyder, Scott Sheffield , Jackie Ng, Lennart Normann, Patricia Ackerman, George E. Holroyd III, Frida Lindblom, Jonathan David Smyth, Nechama Winston, Adam Cable, Joseph Podlesnik, Donald Roberts, Andreea-Mihaela Andrei, Guilherme Bergamini, Ellen Wallenstein, Alex Valone, Peter Ydeen, Ange Ong, M. Apparition, Fabiana Sala, Bat-Ami Rivlin, Kumi Oguro, Johnnie Chatman, Emily Porter,Brice Krummenacker, Laura Noel, Julianne Nash, Tim Hodge, Sullivan Gardner, Ana Ambrož, Candi Kalinsky.

Curated by Dana Stirling & Yoav Friedlander

Opening Reception : June 8th 6-8pm

Exhibition runs from June 8th – June 30th

Facebook Event 

Facebook Event 


Noisy Paint Box through the Rockaway Artists Alliance, Inc. present:

a study of place, multimedia art exhibition
June 9-July1 in sTudio 7 Gallery, RAA, Fort Tilden

Join us for our Opening Reception: June 9, 7-10pm
Music by White Merlot and Breezy Grass
Through this four week exhibition we seek to record artists’ individual perspectives of significant locations throughout our peninsula. Each wall in our gallery will serve as a map of microstories, outlining the narratives of our collective experience as inhabitants of the Rockaways from the native to the new wave.

You Are Here will have weekly live music events in addition to our opening reception, a cabaret in partnership with the Rockaway Theatre Company, our second annual Battle of the Bands and a closing party with Beach Rats.
#noisypaintbox #youarehere


"Join us June 14th from 7-9pm for the Opening Celebration of

DE[CON]STRUCT, a group exhibition curated by Damien Anger featuring the work of Aljosha Farassat, Samuel Paral, YoavFriedlander, Bonam Kim, Kacie Lee, Alana MacDougall, Alana Roth and Carrie Able. Complementary Proscecco provided by Gryphon Events. Special Musical performance by Alison Jean
-- And when the tide breaks...
Heroes make...
A lesson learned...
Of past turned..
Inside the light...
Of windows..

Who will cast the greatest take?
Inside the spark...
Of Makers' Make? ~Carrie Able

DE[CON]STRUCT “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” ― Pablo Picasso"

link to facebook event