Fall Salon 2018 Recap

This year's Fall Salon was a great success and we are so pleased to share some highlights with you. Included among the stellar photographic works were several large-scale installations, a screening of short films, works in interactive video, sculptural elements, sound experiments, and performances.

If you missed us this Fall, be sure to stop by in the Spring for what is sure to be another successful event. In the meantime, enjoy the following recap of our 2018 Fall Salon!

I. Preparation

Kyle Henderson  installing his work.

Kyle Henderson installing his work.

All set up and ready for the evening!

All set up and ready for the evening!

Snacks aplenty.

Snacks aplenty.


II. The Main Event

Thesis students  Paul Simon  and Kyle Henderson discuss Simon’s work.

Thesis students Paul Simon and Kyle Henderson discuss Simon’s work.

Wanki Min  standing beside a consortium of work from his ongoing series.

Wanki Min standing beside a consortium of work from his ongoing series.

Heather Olker  and guest enjoying her first Fall Salon.

Heather Olker and guest enjoying her first Fall Salon.

Installation view of  Brianna Calello ’s work.

Installation view of Brianna Calello’s work.

Po Han Huang explores photography through the use of social media.

Po Han Huang explores photography through the use of social media.

Sara Arno  takes a break with her work.

Sara Arno takes a break with her work.

Petros Lales  presents his 3D modeled organelles to a fellow student.

Petros Lales presents his 3D modeled organelles to a fellow student.

Explorations from Joshua Spector

Explorations from Joshua Spector

Beautiful sculptural works by thesis student  Kyle Henderson

Beautiful sculptural works by thesis student Kyle Henderson

New student  Terrance Purdy  and friends with his selection of portraiture works.

New student Terrance Purdy and friends with his selection of portraiture works.

Book mockup from thesis student Angie Yoon Ji Nam

Book mockup from thesis student Angie Yoon Ji Nam

Thesis student  Brett Henrikson  with textiles based on his images.

Thesis student Brett Henrikson with textiles based on his images.

New student,  Hyemi Kim , poses for the camera.

New student, Hyemi Kim, poses for the camera.

A guest gazes at the works of thesis student David Cade.

A guest gazes at the works of thesis student David Cade.

Yi Hsuan Lai  with her installation at Fall Salon. Details below.

Yi Hsuan Lai with her installation at Fall Salon. Details below.

Thesis student Collin  Xueqing Yin  mimics the subject of display.

Thesis student Collin Xueqing Yin mimics the subject of display.

New student,  Fernando Sancho  and guest

New student, Fernando Sancho and guest

Jonathan Ellis  beside his stunning landscapes.

Jonathan Ellis beside his stunning landscapes.

Yeshan Zhang beside her documentary portraiture.

Yeshan Zhang beside her documentary portraiture.

Many thanks to everyone who came by and lent their time and support to our talented student body. Your presence and engaging conversations was much appreciated and added to the success of our 2018 Fall Salon. We hope to see you again in the Spring for another edition of MFA Photo, Video, & Related Media’s Salon!


Imagemaker Presentation: "Treece" with Dina Kantor

Trenton & Madison, Treece, KS, 2010

Trenton & Madison, Treece, KS, 2010

October 7, MFA Photo/Video alumni Dina Kantor will discuss her work "Treece" at the Society for Photographic Education's Northeast Chapter Conference in New York. Concurrently images from the project will be on view as part of Tipping Points, a juried exhibition by Paul Mpagi Sepuya which will be held at the Vassar College James W. Palmer III '90 Gallery in conjuction with the conference. With an opening reception on October 6th, the show will feature approximately 35 works by photographers from the North East United States, many of them connected to colleges and universities. The exhibition will run through October 25th, 2018.

Tar Creek, OK, 2011

Tar Creek, OK, 2011

Speaking on the work, Kantor states:

"The world is facing unprecedented change on multiple fronts -- environmental, technological, sociological, psychological, and political. While historically things are always in flux, the exponential acceleration of so many factors is new to our age, as is the concept of humans propelling irreversible tipping points at a global scale.

I began photographing [Treece, Kansas] when the government decided to fund a buyout of the entire town, and the residents had this impending dissolution of their community and homes hanging over their heads. The houses are now gone; the roads have been torn up. The vacant land itself was sold in 2014. The EPA is still working on reclaiming the land, and the town that remains is unrecognizable.

Photograph, 2012

Photograph, 2012

This project is about understanding the transformation and finality of community, changes in the structure of home and the destruction of land, and the subsequent birth of a new identity."

Dina Kantor is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn. Her work explores the ways in which the camera contributes to our understanding of identity and community.

Dina is a 2016 fellow in photography from the New York Foundation for the Arts. She received the Aaron Siskind Foundation IPF Grant in 2012, and was a 2013-2014 A.I.R. Gallery Fellow. In 2014, she was awarded a residency at the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts. Dina has also received grants from the Kansas Humanities Council, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Finlandia Foundation National. Her work is included in the permanent collections of The Jewish Museum in New York, the Portland Art Museum and the Southeast Museum of Photography. Dina holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and a BA from the University of Minnesota.

For more information about Dina Kantor's talk at the SPE Northeast Conference on Sunday October 7th, and for a further description of the work, visit the event webpage. To learn more about "Tipping Points" on display at Vassar College James W. Palmer III '90 Gallery, please follow the link provided.

The Vernacular of Landscape: Opening Reception

From Sept. 14-Oct. 19, Usagi NY hosts The Vernacular of Landscape, a survey of contemporary landscape photography curated by Subjectively Objective founder Noah Waldeck and co-edited by SVA alumni Dana Stirling and Yoav Friedlander of Float Photo Magazine.

The exhibit will showcase images from 58 artists from around the world, including:

Rob Stephenson, Diana Nygren, Patrick Warner, Tim Dechent, Lewis Ableidinger, Nathanial Schmidt, Emmanuel Monzon, Roger Grasas, Michael Wriston, Nick Zukauskas, Daniel George, Adrien Blondel, Ivan Echevarria, John Sanderson, Paul Sisson, Sandro Katalina, Brooks Geenen, James Doyle, Christiaan Kritzinger, Raul Guillermo, Tod Kapke, Cody Schlabaugh, Cristian Ordonez, Balint Alovits, Pratya Jankong, Danny Rowton, FeiFan Zhang, Reid Elem, Anthony Onesta, Joshua Oldfield, Ryan Parker, Maxime Taillez, Balazs Fromm, Julian Reid, Franck Doussot, Dineke Versluis, Irene Tondelli, Cody Bratt, Matthew Portch, Leonardo Magrelli, Christian Kondic, Solange Adum-Abdala, Kyle Everett Smith, Berber Theunissen, Dan Mariner, Michael Garbutt, Fred Guillaud, Mattia Paladini, Yorgos Efthymiadis, Stephen Berry, Lawrence Braun, Will Cox, Morgane Erpicum, Liam McMillan, Pol Viladoms, Jeff Phillips, Chris Bennett & Chris Round.

The opening reception will take place at Usagi NY art space September 14, 2018 7-9PM; 163 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, New York.

For more information, or to RSVP, please visit the event's page

Photo: Irene Tondelli

Photo: Irene Tondelli

Alums Adam Cable and Dodo Xinyu Zhang featured in Hyperallergic!

Congratulations to 2017 MFA Photo, Video and Related Media alum Adam Cable on his curatorial effort Constellations taking place at SVA's Chelsea Gallery. The exhibition will be on view through August 11th. “Constellations” comes from the sociological theory of intersectionality, asserting that all elements of identity—most notably gender, sexuality, race and class—are interwoven. Each marker cannot be fully understood without acknowledging the contextualizing factors surrounding it. The students in this exhibition utilize the multiplicities within identity to create personal yet socially engaged work. Connecting many points across space, these artists explore the complexity and composite nature of human experience.


Alongside many talented artists from SVA's vast student body is the recent MFA Photo/ Video graduate Dodo Xinyu Zhang, whose thesis project Idle Character explores the complicated relationship between sexuality, identity and pornography through the medium of Japanese pornographic posters and self portraiture. Her work gets a beautiful write up in hyperallergic. A fitting start to her career as an emerging artist to keep an eye on.

Click here to check out what Zachary Small at Hyperallergic had to say about the exhibition and many congratulations to our talented graduates, Adam and Dodo!!!


Constellations will be on view at SVA's Chelsea Gallery through August 11th. For more details on hours and the featured artists please click here.

Pacifico Silano, After Silence at Stellar Projects


On June 28th, Stellar Projects will be debuting a solo exhibition of works by alumni Pacifico Silano. After Silence, Silano's latest series of photographs explores the physical and emotional voids felt as a result of the AIDS crisis.

The exhibition will run from June 28th to July 27th; with the opening reception occurring on June 28th from 6-8pm. For more information, please click here.


A graduate of the program, Pacifico Silano is a lens-based artist whose work is an exploration of print culture, the circulation of imagery and LGBTQ identity. Born in Brooklyn, his work has been exhibited in group shows, including at the Bronx Museum; Tacoma Art Museum; Oude Kerk, Amsterdam; and ClampArt, New York City. He has had solo shows at ClampArt, New York City and Baxter ST@CCNY. Reviews of his work have appeared in The New Yorker, Artforum, Washington Post and The New York Times. He is a winner of the Individual Photographer’s Fellowship from the Aaron Siskind Foundation and a Finalist for the Aperture Foundation Portfolio Prize. He was chosen as an Artist in Residence at Light Work in Syracuse, NY, granted a Workspace Residency at Baxter Street CCNY and was a Key Holder Resident at the Lower East Side Printshop. He is a 2016 fellow in Photography with the New York Foundation for the Arts.


Kevin Cooley's "Smoke & Mirrors" at Laney Contemporary

Laney Contemporary introduces Smoke & Mirrors an immersive video installation by Los Angeles based artist and MFA Photo/ Video faculty Kevin Cooley. The piece will be on view through June 9th, 2018. For more information, please click here.

A time-based multimedia installation, Smoke & Mirrors physically manifests a frequent, and recurring, political dialogue taking place on Twitter. Each time a tweet containing the term ‘smoke and mirrors’ is posted online, billowing clouds of fog immediately stream through the gallery’s darkened and mirrored environment, obscuring one’s ability to see across the room. Appearing as white projected letters, the text of these tweets float nebulously through the air onto the mist while also reflecting onto the surrounding mirrors. Lingering for a moment until dissipating into obscurity, this action repeats dozens of times an hour on average, mimicking the short-lived relevance of any singular tweet among the 350 million that are posted every day.


The hashtag #smokeandmirrors is most often used as an expression of horror, dissatisfaction, and skepticism of the current state of American political affairs, and the work’s implicit connection to the political realm is further elevated by the room’s alleged political history. Built by the original owner as a private entertaining space, this unique mirrored room was reportedly used by Jesse Jackson’s campaign during his presidential bids.

As the tweets build up over the day, highlighting Twitter’s collective, yet largely invisible presence, the room becomes increasingly murky and mysterious. The piece provides a visualization of social media’s power to connect us, while also underlining the increasing difficulty in distinguishing truth and relevance in the online world.

In addition to Cooley’s installation, Laney Contemporary will exhibit six related photographs. These images of caves, explosion craters, and smoke columns highlight dark undertones in the current state of our environmental and political affairs.


Also on view across the country in Portland, the PDX Art Program is presenting a selection of ten large scale photographs fromCooley’s series titled Nachtfluge (German for night flight) which depicts long exposure photography of the light trails made by commercial aircraft in the dark skies of nighttime. Cooley’s exhibition will be on view through November 4th of 2018 and is located at pre-security in the International Arrivals area of North Baggage Claim


Kevin Cooley (b. 1975 Los Angeles) is a multi-disciplinary artist using photography, video, and installation, he creates frameworks through which to observe experimental and performative gestures to decipher our complex, evolving relationships to nature, to technology, and ultimately to each other. His photographic series Nachtfluge is currently on view at Portland International Airport, and At Light’s Edge is prominently featured in the most recent issue of Aesthetica Magazine. His work is in the permanent collections of The Guggenheim Museum, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, 21c Museum, The Nelson-Atkins Museum and The Museum of Photographic Arts.

Credit: Press Release Laney Contemporary; PDX Art Port of Portland

Steel Stillman in exhibition 'Defamiliarization' at Studio 10

Opening May 18th, 2018, 'Defamiliarization' at Studio 10 will feature the works of Gary Stephan, Susan Wides and faculty member and artist Steel Stillman.

For more information and hours, please click here.


Steel Stillman was born in New York City in 1955. Recent New York group exhibitions include Foundation Barbin Presents Sort Of at Kai Matsumiya Gallery, and Cuts Noon Light at Brian Morris Gallery. In 2014, he had solo exhibitions at Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam, and Show Room, Brooklyn. He is also a writer and a contributing editor at Art in America.

image courtesy of Studio 10

image courtesy of Studio 10

Alum Qingshan Wang featured in upcoming exhibition at 7s Labo

Class of 2017 alum Qingshan Wang and artist Junnan Lyu will be featured in a joint exhibition, Displacement, on view at 7s Labo from May 4 to May 11, 2018. This exhibition will highlight the recent photographic projects by these two artists with a special focus on their unique approaches to staged photography. For more details on the show, please click here.

Qingshan Wang’s photography series Fabricated Nature shows how nature in urban environments is nurtured to conform to human demands. Wang’s approaches to staged photography also respond to the displacement of nature in urban ecosystems. Some of his works were reconstructed in the studio with paper sculptures; Others were digitally manipulated by compositing several elements into one image. His elaborated staging process aims to reveal the controversies behind these displacements, suggesting how the plant species in the urban space is constantly interfered by continual urban construction and redesign. His works - the Christmas tree lying in a fallen trash bin, the bare tree twigs attached to an arch, and the tree covered with string lights during festival times - then represent an uncanny character beyond the seemingly “beautiful” photographic surfaces.

 Festive Tree, 2017

 Festive Tree, 2017

Roadside, 2017

Roadside, 2017

Qingshan Wang, (b.1991, Beijing, China) Graduated from Photography, Video and Related Media department at School of Visual Arts, New York (M.F.A.), Wang now lives and works in New York. Focusing on transcending the fragments of everydayness, Wang’s photography works explore the interactions between nature and human beings in urban ecosystems. His recent shows include: Through the Looking-Glass, Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York (2018); Art and New Urban Culture, Metropolitan Pavillion, New York (2017); Forest of Imagination, Go East Project x UNDEF/NE 3rd Year Exhibition, M50 Art District, Shanghai (2017). He also received the Young Photographer of the Year award at ICC Photographic Award for COP21, Paris in 2015. Artist website: http://www.qingshanwang.me/

Melancholy , 2017

Melancholy , 2017

In other news, Qingshan Wang was also recently featured in an exhibition at Sotheby's Institute of Art at the end of March. The exhibition, Through the Looking Glass was curated by You Hyun Jang and Mary Harrison. 

 Qingshan Wang in conversation with curator Mary Harrison

 Qingshan Wang in conversation with curator Mary Harrison

Steel Stillman featured in exhibition at Marquee Projects

MARQUEE PROJECTS is pleased to announce By the Sea, an exhibition of photography organized by Mikael Levin who presents his work alongside that of Vera Lutter, James Welling and faculty member Steel Stillman. The show will run April 28 through May 20, 2018; with an opening reception on Friday April 28th from 5-7 pm.


The works all have the seaside in common but each in the artist’s own way treats photography’s relation to memory and time. Encompassing a variety of approaches – analog and digital, black & white and color, and still and moving images – the selection addresses the ever-evolving nature of the photographic method, as well as of our understanding of how it is used and interpreted.

For more information on gallery hours and to plan your visit, please click here.

images from Enlargements I (2016) courtesy of Steel Stillman

images from Enlargements I (2016) courtesy of Steel Stillman

Steel Stillman’s Enlargements series are blow-ups of photographs which the artist has been taking since the 1970s, using pocket-sized cameras to address scenes of intimate, everyday life. They are scanned from original drugstore prints for the most part, then cropped, enlarged, and printed over the last two years. Stillman’s Enlargements manifest a coherence that time and distance have only enhanced. The pictures in By the Sea are all digital pigment prints taken at, or close to, the ocean’s edge.

Alum, Maureen Drennan featured in exhibition at Mrs. Gallery

Opening this Friday, April 20th alumni Maureen Drennan will be featured in the group exhibition DUTCH MASTERS at Mrs. Gallery. a Opening Saturday April 14 - June 2, 2018 the exhibition will include works by Chris Bogia, Caroline Wells Chandler, Courtney Childress, Maureen Drennan, Omari Douglin, Chris Martin, Rebecca Morgan, Dean Roper, Eduardo Sarabia, Matthew Spiegelman, Fred Tomaselli, Breanne Trammell and Brian Willmont.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, April 20, between 6 - 9pm. For more details, please click here.

image courtesy of Maureen Brennan.

image courtesy of Maureen Brennan.

Maureen Drennan is a photographer born and based in New York City. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC, the Tacoma Art Museum Seattle, Washington, the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Aperture, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, and the Newspace Center for Photography, amongst others. Her images have been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, California Sunday Magazine, Huffington Post, Photograph Magazine, Photo District News, American Photo, UK Telegraph, Refinery 29, and the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

She currently teaches at LaGuardia Community College and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

Exhibition view. Courtesy of Mrs. Gallery. 

Exhibition view. Courtesy of Mrs. Gallery.