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Steel Stillman at Kunstverein Langenhagen and Interview with Leigh Ledare


Faculty member and fine artist, Steel Stillman will be featured in the exhibition aroundabout Jack Jaeger at Kunstverein Langenhagen in Germany. In this exhibition, Jaeger’s work forms the core of the presentation, to which works of a number of equal-minded artists are added as ‘conversation partners’, among them Anne Collier, Wjm Kok, Rachel Harrison, Aloïs Godinat, Anne Daem,s B. Wurtz, Michaela Meise and Wolfgang Tillmans.

The exhibition will run through Febbruary 11th, 2018. For more details please click here.


Concurrently, Stillman recently participated in an interview with artist Leigh Ledare about his recent work which is featured in this month's issue of Art in America. For more information and to buy a copy, please click here. 


Leigh Ledare in Conversation with Steel Stillman

Dear Dave magazine, presents artist Leigh Ledare in conversation with artist, writer and faculty member Steel Stillman, discussing Ledare’s current solo exhibition, The Plot—Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series at The Art Institute of Chicago and the complex interpersonal dynamics that are at the heart of his work.

The dialogue will take place Thursday October 5th, 2017 at 7pm at the SVA Theatre located at 333 West 23rd Street in New York. The event is free and open to the public.

For more details, please click here. 

Image courtesy of Leigh Ledare.

Image courtesy of Leigh Ledare.

Leigh Ledare, 'Double Bind (Dyptich #15/25),' 2010. (Courtesy of the artist and Mitchell-Innes & Nash)

Leigh Ledare, 'Double Bind (Dyptich #15/25),' 2010. (Courtesy of the artist and Mitchell-Innes & Nash)

Leigh Ledare pushes social systems to lay bare their underlying structures. His fundamentally collaborative photographic projects and films rely on the enactment of complex social situations and interpersonal dynamics that play out with and before the camera. Currently the subject of a solo exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago which runs through January 1, 2018, Ledare’s exhibitions and projects have been exhibited extensively in the US and abroad. His publications include: Double Bind Conversations with Rhea Anastas (A.R.T. Press, 2015), Ana and Carl and some other couples (Andrew Roth, 2014), a collaboration with Nicolás Guagnini, Leigh Ledare, et al. (Mousse Publishing, 2012), edited by Elena Filipovic; Double Bind (MFC-michèle didier, 2012); and Pretend You’re Actually Alive (PPP Editions and Andrew Roth, 2008).