Steel Stillman featured in Osmos Magazine

Faculty member and contemporary artist, Steel Stillman will be featured in the Summer 2018 issue of Osmos Magazine with his writing "6 Photographs". Featuring a radical blend of arresting images, print quality, and distinctive design, Osmos magazine is the most recognized publication in the market fostering contemporary perspectives in photography as the medium crossing all creative industries and practices--art, design, fashion and propaganda, aiming at the core of our imagination.

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This issue will also feautre Marilyn Minter, artist Jill Magid on her ongoing engagement with the work of Alexander Calder, an essay by contributing editor Tom McDonough on Anne Collier, Drew Sawyer on Elle Pérez, Russian Ghanaian photographer Liz Johnson Artur's "beautiful moments of everyday black life around the world" and Dale Harding's murals created using a stencil technique practiced by the artist's ancestors: the Bidjara, Ghungalu and Garingbal peoples of Central Queensland, Australia

Work by Dina Litovsky featured in The New Yorker

Work by class of 2010 alumni Dina Litovsky was recently featured in the story, Where the Amish Go on Vacation in the New Yorker; alongside writing by Alice Gregory. 

Two women pass by a mural depicting the ideal of the Amish life back home.

Two women pass by a mural depicting the ideal of the Amish life back home.

Excerpt from the article:

Each winter, for close to a century now, hundreds of Amish and Mennonite families have travelled from their homes in icy quarters of the U.S. and Canada to Pinecraft, a small, sunny neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida. Arriving on chartered buses specializing in the transportation of “Plain people” from areas such as Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Holmes County, Ohio, they rent modest bungalows and stay for weeks, or sometimes months, at a time. It’s vacation. For many, it’s the one time of the year that they spend with people from communities other than their own.

The front yard of a family home.

The front yard of a family home.

Originally drawn to Pinecraft’s affordable real-estate prices and off-season farming potential, the first Amish families began coming in the mid-nineteen-twenties, with the idea of growing celery. They found the soil disappointing, but not the comparatively languid life style. Now, without barns to raise or cows to milk or scrapple to prepare, the typically stringent rules of Anabaptist life are somewhat suspended in Pinecraft, an inland neighborhood that in recent decades has expanded to more than two hundred and eighty acres. Earrings, usually forbidden, can be seen glittering from beneath white bonnets, and houses are outfitted with satellite dishes. Horses and buggies are nowhere to be seen, but adult-sized tricycles abound. Swimming, volleyball, and shuffleboard are encouraged; ice-cream cones are a nightly ritual.

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The nightly women’s volleyball game is the community’s main spectacle.

The nightly women’s volleyball game is the community’s main spectacle.

Dina Litovsky interview with A Photo Editor

Class of 2010 alumni Dina Litovsky was recently featured in an interview with Heidi Volpe at A Photo Editor discussing her work and how she approaches travel based editorial work.

When Heidi Volpe asks how she approaches travel stories, Dina responds:

"I always like to do a fair amount of research beforehand. That involves reading up about its culture, people and landmarks. A useful place to start is past travel articles, which are also great for initial photo research. Looking at previous images of a city both gives me an idea of what to expect as well as what to avoid. It’s fun to be seduced by certain things when at a new location – everything seems exciting – but then it’s very easy to unwittingly repeat existing images of an over-photographed place/landmark."

"Once on location, I like to have a first day where I walk around the city only with an iPhone, getting a feel for the city and making quick images of locations where I’d like to come back to."

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Images courtesy of Dina Litovsky

Images courtesy of Dina Litovsky

Maureen Drennan featured in Newest York

Alum Maureen Drennan latest work on the Rust Belt featured in Newest York, a not-for-profit publisher & arts organization supporting and showcasing local artists whose work engages with New York City.

(Excerpt from Newest York Magazine)

"People tell me I am a good listener. I listen to the shy, the lonely, the deeply religious, the old dyed-in-the-wool New Yorkers, the suspicious, the young, the hopeful, the hard workers, the hard drinkers, the drug addicts, the sex workers. A new person presents a fresh opportunity to tell their story again with different embellishments, new twist endings, and heroic narrators.

During my wanderings around old industrial and manufacturing areas in Brooklyn I met and listened to a multitude of New Yorkers. These areas along the water are surprisingly quiet and tranquil. The high grass in abandoned lots is verdant and lush, and flowers and trees poke out through every possible crevice. In the summer the air is heavy with the buzzing of insects and bird calls. The clang and hum of machinery and beeping of trucks in the distance blend with the natural sounds and add to the almost pastoral feel of these out-of-the-way spaces."

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Current Student Johnnie Chatman featured in Francis Ford Coppola's magazine Zoetrope


Fall guest designer and photographer Richard Misrach has curated a selection of images from  Johnnie Chatman's upcoming thesis project, "I Forgot Where We Were..." into the upcoming Fall 2017 issue of Zoetrope magazine. The feature will showcase a series of his self portraits, where he uses constructs and idioms of the West and western landscape photography as allegorical elements to conduct a dialogue about black identity as it reconfigures itself against media, historical, and transglobal narratives.

Be sure to check out the Notes on Design section to read more on why Richard Misrach chose to include this work in the upcoming issue.


Images courtesy of Johnnie Chatman. 

Images courtesy of Johnnie Chatman. 

For those in the San Francisco area, alongside fellow contributing artist Wesaam Al-Badry,  Johnnie Chatman will be participating in a dialogue with Richard Misrach at the release party on Wednesday Nov. 1st. The gathering will being hosted at Cafe Zoetrope in North Beach from 6-8 pm. It will be a delightful evening of literature and art, and of course plenty of food and wine.

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Image Courtesy of Zoetrope. 

Image Courtesy of Zoetrope. 

Zoetrope: All-Story is an American literary magazine that was launched in 1997 by Francis Ford Coppola and Adrienne Brodeur. All-Story intends to publish new short-fiction. Zoetrope: All-Story recently received the National Magazine Award for Fiction, the highest honor due an American periodical, for Anthony Marra's story "The Grozny Tourist Bureau.". With each issue a guest artist is chosen to construct the quarterly’s issues art directions. Past designers have included Agnes Varda, David Bowie, Gus Van Saint, Helmut Newton, Olafur Eliasson, Mickalene Thomas, Ryan McGinness, Martin Parr, John Baldessari and a plethora of creatives across mediums.  

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