Join Recent Graduates and Faculty for "Film Fest at the Farm" in Rhinebeck, NY - hosted by SoMad Studio


Film Fest at the Farm is an independent film festival at the height of the harvest in Rhinebeck, New York. This two-night event will feature screenings, talks and installations from environmental filmmakers & artists. This includes esteemed participants such as Grahame Weinbren, Laura Parnes, Shelly Silver & Isabella Rossellini. The festival is produced by SoMad Studio, an artist collective & creative space in the flatiron; SoMad is founded by 2019 SVA MFA Photo/Video graduates Sara Arno, Carla Maldonado, Paul Simon, and Serichai Traipoom. Their work will be featured alongside fellow graduates Johnnie Chatman and Jonathan Ellis.

Due to the nature of this event ticket sales are limited, but please see the festival webpage for further information.