Students Adam Cable, Sullivan Gardner, and Tim Hodge - 404: IRL Not Found Exhibition

OPENING: June 3, 5–7pm
Exhibition runs June 3–29, 2016

Drawing on individual yet interconnected process-driven techniques by Adam Cable, Sullivan Gardner, and Tim Hodge, this project considers images within the digital living/workspace and how they can integrate into a single yet faceted viewpoint based on viewer proximity.

Gardner presents a single image, incorporating physical engagements with commercial imagery in the cityscape and digital compositing. He further manipulates the image to illustrate the inherent remixability and always-mediated state of the modern image as it relates to the environment in which it is disseminated. Hodge uses stills from a composite video of advertisements and abstracted pornography, broken up into thirty frames a second, offering an accumulative view of common images that begin to break down due to the complexity of information contained. Cable uses sequential associations in finding and collecting strings of images, considering how information is not only contextual but also relational. Each appropriated image comes from a search keyword based on viewing the previous image, exemplifying connections within search engines and subjective experiences. 

The screen affects not only how we see, but how we operate, negotiate, output, understand, and navigate our daily lives. We want to make these relationships plain and encourage viewers to consider the implications of digital processes on how they perceive the world.

SVA Flatiron Gallery
133/141 West 21 Street
New York, NY 10011

Hours: M-F 9am - 7 pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm

Iris Xing Shortlisted for 2015 Sony World Photography Award

MFA Photo/Video is proud to announce that student Iris Xing is one of just 10 finalists shortlisted for the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Student Focus program, and the only representative from a North American institution. This competition is the largest of its kind, with over 230 educational institutions participating worldwide, and offers global recognition to young photographers.

Xing created her winning photograph, "Amazon Burger," in response to a prompt asking students to capture an image that embodied consumer culture. Xing’s “burger” contains layers made from an Amazon box and its packaging. “Hamburgers,” she says, “are a metaphor for fast, consumable things.”

"Amazon Burger," Iris Xing, 2015

"Amazon Burger," Iris Xing, 2015

As a member of the shortlisted group, Xing received a full-frame Sony camera, which she will now use for the next round’s challenge: to shoot a series of images that document hitherto unseen or untold subjects or stories in the contestant’s place of residence.

As part of their prize, all 10 shortlisted students will be flown to London with their tutors to attend the awards gala. Additionally, each photographer’s images from this latest challenge will be shown as part of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at London’s Somerset House, on view April 24 through May 10.

Those who advance to the next round will earn the Student Focus Photographers of the Year title and €35,000 worth of Sony photography equipment for their school.