Jiatong(Zoe) Lu
The Lost Bond

Mixed media

Zoe Lu explores her often troubled relationship with her mother common among Chinese families of her generation. Zoe’s mother grew up with the hardships of the Cultural Revolution, and Zoe was a second child born under China’s restrictive one-child policy. Her installation expresses her desire to replace sorrow with empathy: “How can we ask parents born in the 1950s to love us if they never felt love and freedom in their own youth? As I blamed my mother for wanting to control me, I also tried to control her. It is the desire to transform each other that has tightly tied my mother and me together.

The missing memory (I)
inkjet print
24 X 16 inches

The missing memory (II)
inkjet print
5 X 5 inches

Retelling history
Two single channels video
20:27 minutes

On View : 6/17 - 7/8, Opening Reception : June 21st, 6-8pm
601 West 26th Street, 15th floor